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Week 1

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Week 1: Getting Started


January 14-20, 2008






Getting to know each other, getting to know the tools...



  • Remember that Final Projects consist of the writing of a lesson plan, which fits into the participant’s own teaching context, following the basic principles of Course Design as discussed in this session.
  • During Week 6, participants will share their lesson plans with other colleagues with the idea of exchanging feedback and discussing some of the practical considerations of lessons planning presented here.


















By the end of Week 1 we should all have:







Getting a Yahoo ID




In order to access the Lesson Planning Yahoo Group, you must have a Yahoo ID.  Do you know how to get one? If not, click here. It won't  take you too long since you only need to provide minimal information.  You can set any of your email addresses to receive mail from our Yahoo Group. Take into consideration that every change by anyone in our YG will be emailed to you. Click on the image below to access the tutorial prepared by the EVO Coordination Team on how to create a Yahoo ID.






Dowloading Yahoo Messenger


Yahoo MSN is just like the messenger in Hotmail. It is perhaps more private and less popular among young people, and that is the reason why we prefer to chat using this tool.  To learn more about Yahoo Messenger, just clik on the link or on the icon above.




Registering in Skype





Have you heard about Skype? Learn more about it by clicking here.  (You can also click on the the Skype logo)


Skype is one of the tools we will use to communicate on line. Please open an account in Skype and Dowload Skype to your computer.



Exploring Lesson Planning Yahoo Group




  • Now that you have a Yahoo ID, you can easily join our group.


  • An invitation to join the group must have been sent to your email account.


    • After joining the group:


      • Upload your photo to the PHOTOS section in our YG. Please do not try to upload your pictures as attachments because the group does not allow them.

      •  Go to the Files section and create your personal folder.  Name the folder after you (First and Last Names).  This is a personal folder where you will file all the work you will do during these six weeks.
      • Post your Yahoo and Skype IDs as well as our local time In Yahoo Groups Database. (See GMT at http://www.timeanddate.com). 
      • Introduce yourself to other participants and moderators by sending an email message to  lesson_planning@yahoogroups.com  .Tell us a little about your  experiences in online courses, your personal and professional life and any other information you'd like to share with us.
      • We will keep all the profiles at hand in this wiki (See Profiles).



Introducing ourselves in Voicethread


Introduce yourself to your partners and moderators by recording a message in the thread created to that end. Tell us a about your online experiences and other personal/professional information you'd like to share with us. If you want, you can use the written information you posted in our Yahoo Group as an email message to lesson_planning@yahoogroups.com. The idea here is to introduce yourselves using your own voices!








Sharing Session Expectations in Chingswing





A thread has been created in Chingswing so that we can share what we expect from this session as well as those things we would not like to happen in here. Click on the image below to go to Chingswing. Once you are there, click on the "Record a message" button and tell us what you expect from this session. (Signing up to Chinswimg will be requested).




Exploring Lessson Planning pbwiki.


Click on the links in the navigation bar to explore our wiki. Search our Syllabus, and find out what we will be doing each week.




Exploring Lesson Planning Motime Blog




Completing the “Technology use expertise and work experience” survey at Survey Monkey.



(Use this link to the survey in case the others do not open http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=xq_2fnoxOwBXev61xoZ_2fJ3Yg_3d_3d )



Click on the link above to answer the survey. Please answer all the questions and be as sincere as possible. The information you  provide will be used to make the sessions more relevant to your needs!!!







          • Look for an article of your interest, one you would like us to discuss and add a link to the Yahoo Group Links corresponding folder.
          • State your time preference for our first synchronous session (Week 2) by answering the poll posted in our YG


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